Responsive Content Slider

Version: 1.3


  1. Download the Extension: Go to the download section of the website and download the extension package.
  2. Login to Joomla Admin: Access your Joomla administration panel using your credentials.
  3. Install the Extension:
    • Navigate to Extensions -> Manage -> Install.
    • Click on the Upload Package File tab.
    • Browse and select the downloaded extension package.
    • Click on Upload & Install.


  1. Enable the Module:

    • Navigate to Extensions -> Modules.
    • Find the Responsive Content Slider module.
    • Click on it to open the module settings.
    • Set the status to Published.
  2. Assign the Module to a Position:

    • In the module settings, choose a position where you want the slider to appear (e.g., position-7).
    • Ensure the module is assigned to the desired menu items under the Menu Assignment tab.
  3. Customize the Slider:

    • Width of Slider: Set the desired width for your slider.
    • Auto Sliding: Enable or disable auto sliding.
    • Navigation Arrows: Choose whether to show navigation arrows.
    • Auto Slide Interval: Set the interval time for auto sliding.
    • Tab Colors: Customize the colors for tabs, hover effects, and text.
    • Container Box: Configure the colors for the container box and text.
    • Tab Font Size: Set the font size for the tabs.
    • Container Panel Padding: Adjust the padding for the container panel.
  4. Save and Apply: After configuring all the settings, click Save to apply the changes.


  • Content Management: Add the content you want to display in the slider through Joomla's content management system. The module will automatically pull the content based on the settings you have configured.
  • Testing: Preview the frontend of your website to ensure the slider appears and functions as expected.