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Client Logo Slider

Logo/Partner Image Slider Module for Joomla

J3 J4 J5 Module

What's new?

Version 5.7 - 21 October 2023

  • Support Joomla 5
  • Code Optimization
  • Doesn't use Backward Compatibility Plugin

Version 5.6 - 08 February 2023

  • Removed option to load jQuery in Body. By default loads in head.
  • Single file installation for both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.
  • Modified module parameters.

Version 5.5 - 08 April 2022

  • Update the extension directly from the Joomla Update Manager.
  • Add a valid license in the advanced settings of the module parameters.
  • Download the license key from the Downloads section of the store by creating an account using the same email address which you have used to purchase the extension.
  • Manual Update will once be required to get the 5.5 version of the module. The future updates can be done automatically using the Joomla Update Manager.

Version 5.4 - 17 June 2021

  • Changes to Module backend.

Version 5.3 - 11 February 2021

  • Supports PHP version 8.1.

Version 5.2 -07 July 2020

  • Option to show or hide the image slide.
  • Supports Joomla 4 Beta.

Version 5.1 -07 July 2018

  • Changes made to the default files, added fetchImage folder options.
  • Added rgba color picker to the background overlay.

Version 5.0 -07 July 2018

  • Supports Joomla 4.0 Alpha

Version 4.9 -19 June 2018

  • Admin Backend Modification.[Note: Keep a Backup of the Slides while upgrading]
  • FontAwesome Version Upgraded
  • Minor PHP changes

Version 4.8 - 23 January 2018

  • Added module suffix parameters to the advanced settings.

Version 4.7 - 17 January 2018

  • Backend of the module has be simplified
  • Uses Joomla Subform
  • Installation File Size reduced by 50%

Version 4.6 - 17 December 2016

  • Joomla Update System Added

Version 4.4

  • Option to define ALT tags for individual images.

Version 4.3

  • Issue with Advanced Module Manager Fixed

Version 4.1

  • jQuery framework used for 3.x

Version 4.0

  • jQuery issue fixed
  • Vertical slider added


Current Version


Active Users
What can Client Logo Slider do for you?

See our product features

A state-of-the-art solution that brings your website to life with a responsive image slider. Showcase your clients' logos or other essential images in a sleek and professional manner, all with the ease and flexibility that users love.
Adaptive Display
Responsive Design

Adaptive Display

  • Screen Size Adaptation: Adjusts to fit desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Right-to-Left Language Support: Compatible with languages read from right to left.
  • Seamless Experience: Ensures a smooth experience for all users, regardless of device type.
  • Inclusive Design: Accommodates diverse user needs for a universal appeal.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Provides equal functionality across various screen sizes and languages.
Design Customization
Customizable Appearance

Design Customization

Total Design Control
Full authority over the slider's appearance.
Direction Setting
Choose the slider's movement direction.
Display Limits
Control the max and min number of slides shown.
Custom Borders
Adjust the border color and width for images.
Brand Alignment
Create a slider that aligns with website design and branding.
Interactive Elements

User Engagement

  • Interactive Engagement: Text overlay on hover for enhanced user interaction.
  • Dynamic Visuals: Grey scale images that turn to color upon hovering.
  • Seamless Navigation: Link logos directly to clients' websites.
  • Dynamic Website Addition: Adds a dynamic touch to the website with interactive elements.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Engaging features for a more interactive user experience.
Flexible Image Sourcing

Image Flexibility

  • Flexible Image Sourcing: Retrieve images from specific folders or paths.
  • Content Flexibility: Easily source content from varied locations.
  • ALT Tag Integration: Add ALT tags for SEO benefits and accessibility.
  • SEO Improvement: Enhances search engine visibility of your site.
  • Accessibility Support: Makes site more accessible to users with visual impairments.
Navigation Control

Navigation Mastery

  • Navigation Customization: Choose pager, arrows, or both for navigation.
  • Color Customization: Set colors for navigation elements.
  • Optional Arrows: Option to disable navigation arrows for a cleaner look.
  • User Control: Full control over slider navigation style.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Tailor navigation to suit user preferences and site design.
Speed Management

Speed Control

  • Speed Control: Adjust the movement speed of the slider.
  • Pause Timing: Set the pause duration between slides.
  • Auto-Sliding Option: Enable or disable automatic sliding.
  • Dynamic Experience: Tailor the slider's dynamics to match content and purpose.
  • User Interaction Flexibility: Customize the slider for optimal user engagement.
New Label and Border Features

Label & Border

  • Descriptive Labels: Add labels for more information or context.
  • Border Customization: Define border color and width for images.
  • Enhanced Presentation: Create a polished and unique slider appearance.
  • Visual Appeal: Make your images stand out with customized borders.
  • Informative Interaction: Provide additional details through labels for better understanding.
Multiple Instance Support

Multiple Displays

  • Multiple Activations: Use the module more than once on a single page.
  • Diverse Presentations: Showcase different products or business aspects.
  • Device Compatibility: Supports all devices and screen sizes.
  • Consistent User Experience: Ensures uniformity across various displays.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for varied content and presentation styles.
Touch-Based Interaction

Touch Interaction

  • Touch-Based Sliding: Enables easy navigation using touch gestures.
  • Mobile Friendly: Enhances the mobile user experience.
  • Orientation Options: Set to horizontal, vertical, or none for tailored interaction.
  • Interactive Experience: Provides a dynamic and user-friendly mobile interface.
  • Customizable Interaction: Tailor the slider to suit mobile viewing preferences.

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