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Lightbox Image Gallery

Image Gallery Extension for Joomla

J3 Module Plugin


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What can Lightbox Image Gallery do for you?

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Wonderful extension that can be used as image gallery in your website. The extension is very easy to use and fully configurable.

What can be done with the extension?

  • Can have a single thumbnail from a gallery of images and when clicked will show the other images in a Lightbox
  • Can have have thumbnails to view inside the lightbox with scrolling effect .
  • Unlimited images can be added
  • Images with title can only be added using Module
  • Option to enable/disable jQuery Library
  • Option to add js files to the head/body to avoid conflicts
  • Option to define the width of the plugin or module
  • Option to define the number of thumbs to display from the gallery
  • Option to set the dock position : Bottom/Top
  • Opacity color of the lightbox background can be controlled
  • Overlay opacity can be controlled.
  • Overlay speed, scroll speed and zoom speed can be controlled
  • Option to show single image from a gallery.
  • Opening , Closing and dock scrolling Effect can be controlled (32 effects to choose).
  • Option to fetch image from folder or individual path
  • Option to have images to show randomly or in a sequence.
  • Option to order the images alphabetically (ascending/descending)
  • Two different type of auto resize tool to resize the thumb and large images automatically
  • Option to resize image by height,width or both
  • Border color for thumb can be added
  • Title for each image can be added separated by comma.
  • Title position can be set to bottom or top
  • Color, font , size and weight for the font can be defined.
  • 25 inbuilt google fonts and user defined can be assigned.

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